Monday 28 February 2022

Crystals: the Subtlety of Light

Quite often I hear the misplaced skepticism that crystals are a joke and do not work. I have a great deal of empathy for this illusion, and for good reason.

Quite simply, very few sources know how they work and are, therefore, really short on their explanations. I laugh every time I hear the assertion that, for example, Green Aventurine is a healing crystal. Sure it is! And, really—it is! But simplistic cause-and-effect assertions say very little. The core of the explanation-problem is that very few sources account for how the crystal works with light. Taking that further, what is known about light? If the source cannot bring divine light into the discussion about a crystal, all that will be left is cause-and-effect. Add a bit of breadth, and the crystal will do everything for everyone. No wonder there are lots of skeptics. I, too, am skeptical about most claims that are made about crystals.

There are a host of characteristic variables that apply to divine light. To be sure, understanding the light that governs the spiritual path is not simplistic. Brace yourself for its complexity if you want to understand it in language that is mature enough to be used to communicate to others.

The characteristic of divine light that prompts this blog-post is that light is subtle. When a crystal brings light to a person, that light is subtle. It comes with high and subtle vibrational frequencies that are not readily detected by the uninitiated consciousness. The bona-fide clairvoyant may have the competence to realize the shift in vibration that occurs, but most persons that use crystals do not have that competency. For almost everyone else, using a crystal is not a noticeable event. Crystals do not hit you on the head with a 2x4. But that is not saying they do not work—they do!

Crystals bring light. Light is subtle. The change that results will be subtle and hardly noticeable, but change happens. Light comes. It acts upon the vibration of the crystal’s user and that vibration shifts.

High Quality Optical Calcite
High Quality Optical Calcite

To draw the contrast to help with understanding the context of crystalline subtlety, understand that the divine light that crystals bring and work-with comes primarily from higher dimensions. Sixth dimensional vibration is unequivocally of higher and subtler resonance. Third dimensional vibration is much more dense. The difference usually leaves the crystal user with no benchmark by which to gauge what the crystal is doing. Nothing seems to be what is happening. But light still comes. It accumulates the more the person uses the crystal.

With my own spiritual path, in the early days, I came to realize the changes resulting from my many spiritual practices, including using crystals, when I looked back on the previous 3-4 months. The accumulated effect of accumulating light frequencies, as they affect your vibration, become noticeable after a time, and even then, only if you actually make the effort to look consciously to make note of the changes. After 3-4 months of serious spiritual practices, the changes in your vibration should be quite apparent.

Yes, light is subtle. So, the affects crystals have in the immediate moment are rarely significant enough to allow you to recognize the effect on your vibration. Repeated use over time, however, will bring a guaranteed change in vibration on condition that the denials of skepticism are not blocking the flow of light into your body.  Skepticism not required!

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