Monday 21 March 2022

Perspectives on Grounding Crystals

Grounding with crystals is simple... Light assimilates into the body's physical form. Form's vibration then rises and is empowered.

Grounding has always been associated with the Earth. Electrical utility companies use copper ground rods driven 4-5 feet into the Earth throughout their networks; and copper ground rods are present in every building having electricity. Electrical charge goes to ground through the ground rod to complete the circuit of electrical current.

Grounding stones follow the same principle. They pull light into their physical forms and hold it―at least initially. Physical form, in this instance, is not exactly the Earth nor is it precisely the stone itself. After the form of the crystal has grounded its complement of light frequencies, it becomes Oneness to a degree depending on how much light it assimilates. Oneness is the expression of the Godhead outside of itself and within creation. Oneness is God and has the capacity to resonate with all things in the created universe. (Reference: The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, Chapter 1, section 1.2, entitled: Light + Form = Oneness). On our world, this means that the grounding stone can help attract light frequencies, which can then flow between the grounding crystal's own mass and other forms. It makes light available. This is not to say that grounding stones are adept or efficient, yet grounded light can be shared between forms―one to another.

Although the vast majority of crystals attract and assimilate light within their own range of frequencies, what has become known as a “grounding stone” is usually black and infrequently brown in colour. The major difference from other crystals is that the grounding stones work with the lowest light frequencies. Because grounding is synonymous with planet Earth, a proper grounding stone needs to resonate reasonably well with the Earth. Earth’s indigenous light is the black range of light  frequencies. (Reference: The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, Chapter 1, section 1.3, entitled: Black: the Light of Earth) Therefore, the black stones, which carry black light, harmonize with the Earth best. Examples include Black Onyx, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, and Deschloizite to mention a very few.

Hematite: Black with a shiny surface.

The simplest grounding stone, and perhaps the simplest crystal, is Hematite. Its two primary physical attributes are readily apparent. First, it is shiny; and second, it is black. Hematite is one of the Earth’s most potent grounding stones. Its black aspect attracts only the lowest black light frequency range, and its shiny aspect reflects away all other frequency ranges. Effective yes―very! But, not at all versatile! It only deals with Earth’s lowest frequency of black light to the exclusion of all others. Hematite is one of the four stones used in the Light Body layout, yet think of it as having the capacity to bring light to the lowest and densest of vibrations. It grounds the lowest vibration of the black light frequency into the lowest vibrations of form. If some part of a person’s physical body is lacking light, Hematite is the best stone to start with for the purpose of light empowerment. It brings the lowest frequency of black light, which is also the first frequency that is capable of assimilating into (bodily) form that has no light.

Another stone of fascination is Obsidian. It is black and occasionally dark brown, sometimes it comes with white flecks and is indeed a grounding stone. During Earth’s infancy, Obsidian was so effective at grounding the limited light available that it was given the honour of grounding the frequencies and energies of Earth’s soul. Obsidian is alive and carries the essence of the soul of the planet within.

Snow Flake Obsidian

There is nothing to fear about Obsidian, but its power can be easily misunderstood. It works with the Earth’s soul, and it also works with the soul of whoever is using it. Obsidian’s ability to orchestrate and harmonize multiple soul frequencies, along with its potent grounding ability, makes it a powerful crystal. With so much soul, Obsidian leaves no room for ego. The difficulties that the user may experience arise, not from the light and energy of the stone, but from the displacement of the ego. The ego naturally attempts to fight its way back to prominence. The ensuing seesaw battle between the soul and the ego can be most disharmonious. Please check out Obsidian (Reference: The Crystal Textbook, Section entitled: Obsidian).

During Earth’s earliest times, grounding stones created their own problems. They held light too tightly. They did their job of attracting light to Earth and of safekeeping it, but letting it go was not part of their process. Consequently, the grounding function had to go through an evolutionary process. At first, grounding stones took divine light frequencies out-of-circulation and held them tightly. Therefore, very little light was available to empower and enlighten other forms. Much time elapsed with little progress in the mission to enlighten the Earth. Slowly, more light arrived on the Earth and, with the help of the grounding stones, it remained on Earth, even if not immediately available. Eventually, the grounding stones brought enough light to the planet to create a surplus. Planetary empowerment began thereafter.

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