Monday 28 February 2022

Crystals: the Subtlety of Light

Quite often I hear the misplaced skepticism that crystals are a joke and do not work. I have a great deal of empathy for this illusion, and for good reason.

Quite simply, very few sources know how they work and are, therefore, really short on their explanations. I laugh every time I hear the assertion that, for example, Green Aventurine is a healing crystal. Sure it is! And, really—it is! But simplistic cause-and-effect assertions say very little. The core of the explanation-problem is that very few sources account for how the crystal works with light. Taking that further, what is known about light? If the source cannot bring divine light into the discussion about a crystal, all that will be left is cause-and-effect. Add a bit of breadth, and the crystal will do everything for everyone. No wonder there are lots of skeptics. I, too, am skeptical about most claims that are made about crystals.

There are a host of characteristic variables that apply to divine light. To be sure, understanding the light that governs the spiritual path is not simplistic. Brace yourself for its complexity if you want to understand it in language that is mature enough to be used to communicate to others.

The characteristic of divine light that prompts this blog-post is that light is subtle. When a crystal brings light to a person, that light is subtle. It comes with high and subtle vibrational frequencies that are not readily detected by the uninitiated consciousness. The bona-fide clairvoyant may have the competence to realize the shift in vibration that occurs, but most persons that use crystals do not have that competency. For almost everyone else, using a crystal is not a noticeable event. Crystals do not hit you on the head with a 2x4. But that is not saying they do not work—they do!

Crystals bring light. Light is subtle. The change that results will be subtle and hardly noticeable, but change happens. Light comes. It acts upon the vibration of the crystal’s user and that vibration shifts.

High Quality Optical Calcite
High Quality Optical Calcite

To draw the contrast to help with understanding the context of crystalline subtlety, understand that the divine light that crystals bring and work-with comes primarily from higher dimensions. Sixth dimensional vibration is unequivocally of higher and subtler resonance. Third dimensional vibration is much more dense. The difference usually leaves the crystal user with no benchmark by which to gauge what the crystal is doing. Nothing seems to be what is happening. But light still comes. It accumulates the more the person uses the crystal.

With my own spiritual path, in the early days, I came to realize the changes resulting from my many spiritual practices, including using crystals, when I looked back on the previous 3-4 months. The accumulated effect of accumulating light frequencies, as they affect your vibration, become noticeable after a time, and even then, only if you actually make the effort to look consciously to make note of the changes. After 3-4 months of serious spiritual practices, the changes in your vibration should be quite apparent.

Yes, light is subtle. So, the affects crystals have in the immediate moment are rarely significant enough to allow you to recognize the effect on your vibration. Repeated use over time, however, will bring a guaranteed change in vibration on condition that the denials of skepticism are not blocking the flow of light into your body.  Skepticism not required!

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Tuesday 22 February 2022

Is the Chandelier Spiritual?

      Everyone sure is talking about the light these days. Sometimes I even get the odd question that asks if I am referring to the same light that comes from the chandelier. Well divine light is divine light is divine light, and light is light is light, but the chandelier emits a band of vibration that is limited to the rays that the human eye can perceive.

Can we say that this light from light-bulbs is spiritual?  Well, I'm not saying that.

Here's the stretch for light from the chandelier...

Contrast the means by which a room was lit before electricity and after.  The effect of candle power did its job and fulfilled its purpose, but had a lot of limitations.  The variations of light that come from electrically powered sources are now many and varied.  LED lights, theatre spot lights, incandescent, florescent, lights over the stove and in the oven, pot lighting, and back light on the computer keyboard are some of the adaptations that humankind has created.  Is it spiritual? Is it divine light or just light?

When the lights of a modern house are contrasted to the candles of past centuries, a definite increase in vibration overall becomes apparent.  Life is faster, easier, and has more awareness of the world.  Cabin fever has a whole different meaning as the world is lit-up before our very eyes through the internet.  The evolution of spirit has taken leaps and bounds for the advent of light bulbs.

While incandescent and florescent light is not directly divine or spiritually charged, it has raised vibration and helped us, as a species, to find the space within which to grow spiritually.

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Tuesday 15 February 2022

Crystals: Atlantisite

If not for you, gift it to someone else.

The following is an excerpt from Roger's upcoming third book, this time about crystals.
©S. Roger Joyeux

     Atlantisite offers a cheery green vibration of the common garden variety.  The variety of green here allows the mind to open without pushing any limits.  As a healing stone in the classic sense, Atlantisite accelerates the vibration of the body’s form wherever it is placed.   What is meant by not pushing the limits is that the stone works within the light frequency ranges of the user’s vibration.  Its acceleration of the body is therefore subdued.
     Atlantisite’s green crystalline vibration works its healing magic by gently softening the areas of a person’s body mass that are not fully balanced or have distortions in the flow of its light energy.  Atlantisite may be called the “naturalizer” because it takes the body’s healing process only as far as the body’s current state of vibration.  It does not alter the body’s vibration.  It is not a stone for opening or reconditioning the body, or for taking the spiritual path forward.
     Once the person’s body has achieved a natural, balanced state at the level of its current vibration, the person using Atlantisite can awaken to the light and energy that exists in the immediate vicinity and in the now moment, without pushing the body to higher vibration levels, or causing expansion of form-essence.  This is not an evolutionary step, but rather, the opportunity to be all you can be now.  Atlantisite’s healing casts away the body’s imbalances and smoothes the distortions.  Light energy flows within the user’s body exactly as it should for right now.
     The great energy healing work of Atlantisite answers the need to bring a person’s vibration into its natural state without the disturbing turbulence of an evolutionary push forward.  It is a stone for individuals, who are dabbling with spirituality, and therefore, still carry significant vibrational issues and imbalances, such as the need for clearing karma and learning basic life lessons.  By bringing their vibrations into a natural state, the influx of light frequencies received does not go beyond the range that is consistent with the will, and does not go beyond personal choices.  Free will is thereby preserved.  The spiritual path of the person using Atlantisite proceeds at the person’s own pace.  Such persons are those whose spiritual evolution is not yet consciously awakened and whose kundalini (base chakra) has not yet opened.  If a person is already a spiritual seeker that has willfully stepped onto the spiritual path, that person is beyond the need for the healing that Atlantisite offers.  Ideally, a piece of Atlantisite, which has been shaped to have an aesthetic presentation, makes a wonderful gift for someone who is open minded, but has not yet aspired to spiritual life.
     Most often, Atlantisite stones also contain inclusions of purple-coloured Stichtite.  Stichtite’s level of vibration is consistent with the green vibration of Atlantisite and with the same range of the heart chakra’s green light frequencies.    Stichtite is a worker-bee, drone-level, heart chakra vibration of love that has no direct affiliation with the healing work of Atlantisite.  Stichtite and Atlantisite are mutually exclusive, but also mutually compatible.  Stichtite steadily contributes to the empowerment of the love in the heart within the lower ranges of the heart’s light frequencies.
     Atlantisite and its Stichtite inclusions are presented to the world to help the spiritual dabbler muddle forward towards the spiritual path.  Their contribution is slow and easy, and well within the expression of the dabbler’s will.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Rain as a Tool of Enlightenment

 Rainy days, sunny days!  How on Earth do they contribute to your enlightenment process?

The Sun contributes in an obvious way.  It provides light.  If you have read the section on the Sun and stars in my second book, The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate, you will know that the Sun’s role as a portal in inter-dimensional space helps light move from the upper dimensions onto the Earth’s physical plane.  So, from the Sun, light from everywhere in the universe is potentially available.  We are only limited to our vibration’s ability to receive it.  Unfortunately, our vibration can be a serious limitation.  How high on the scale is our vibration?  What range of frequencies is it capable of receiving?  Are we working from the bar stool where light is very low indeed?  Or are we the apprentice to the realized Tibetan Lama, where the light of enlightenment is right round the corner?

Wherever our vibration vibrates on the high-low scale, rainy days can be a significant boost to our brilliance.  Much of the problem with our vibration’s inability to assimilate light is that the light is too well formed, too whole perhaps, and out of harmony with the body receiving it.  Moving light that is so unified and distinct in its construction into the human body may be beyond the synchronicity needed to make it happen.  Rain helps by processing the light available in the immediate environment.  The easiest way to understand it is to look to rainbows.  The Sun shining through the clouds produces rainbows of colours.  We see the seven primary colours of red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet, and indigo.

The rain droplet acts as a prism to split light from its unified construct into separate bands of colours.  The body has a much better chance of receiving a single band of light than the full spectrum.  For example, the heart chakra resonates with green and pink hues.  The heart would more easily receive green and pink frequencies from the rainbow than it would if its own tissues were required to refract the green and pink from the unified spectrum.  The rain drop processes the immediately available light thus freeing up the body to receive it directly.  As another example, the orange and yellow hues harmonize best with the navel chakra (creativity) and are assimilated directly from a rain drop with no need to refract, filter, and redirect light.

Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain… as the song goes.  There is nothing quite like a rain shower for speeding up the enlightenment process.

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Monday 7 February 2022

Crystals for the Schizophrenic

    I was recently asked if there were a crystal that would be helpful for a person with Schizophrenia. 

    Schizophrenia was a topic of interest for me several years ago. I did not find it to be complex, but there is a significant amount of background knowledge to draw upon before the answer becomes clear. See references at the end of this article. 

    Young, or more accurately, baby souls come to Earth as part of their initial dive into Earthly consciousness. Being neonates in the soul department, the soul of the schizophrenic has very little experience on Earth and is, therefore, not adept at living here or anywhere else in the universe. The baby-soul has very little connection with its incarnation and, therefore, is in a deficit position in sending light to its incarnation. Such light (divine energy, or spirit) is very essential and necessary and must be strong enough to maintain the vibration of the person in a healthy way. The soul of the schizophrenic needs to build up the light within its incarnation to acquire a viable "person's" vibration that can withstand the assaults from any of the negative energies that may be present in the local environment (including the immediately local higher-dimensional environment). 

    Without a "viable" vibration, the schizophrenic person is subject to the invasion of mischievous lower fourth (or so) dimensional entities. Delusions of grandeur are the primary symptoms. These delinquent entities pose as known beings... Jesus, King Henry VIII, or whoever... by taking over the body and acting out. 

    This invasion is possible because the Etheric Magnetic Field is weak and most often has warps, holes, or black and dense areas. The Etheric Magnetic Field is responsible for the attraction and repulsion of the light frequencies and energies that maintain a person's normal vibration. A weak etheric field is vulnerable to the invasion of a foreign spirit entity. Essentially, the body is occupied by two very different spirits. The invading entity usually has the stronger will and, more or less, takes over for a time until it gets bored or has somewhere else to go. Don't get the idea that these entities are strong. They are not! They are predatory, but only to extremely weak individuals, who are weaker than themselves. 

    The solution... 

  1. is to strengthen the etheric magnetic field, which emanates from the physical body. Simply add light. Clear quartz and grounding stones such as Hematite, Obsidian, and Onyx ((((Careful!!! Real Onyx is almost impossible to get as it is almost always Agate that has been treated. “Natural black onyx is extremely rare, so the commercial black variety is nearly always agate that has been stained by the sugar-sulphuric acid treatment, soaked in a sugar solution and then heated in sulphuric acid to carbonize the sugar.” From: Firefly Guide to Gems, by Cally Oldershaw )))) are helpful. Quartz to bring the light, and black grounding to hold it. No need to use any of the more specialized crystals. Bringing light is the objective.
  2. The most effective treatment I know of would be my copper energy bed. Go here ( to see the image and brief write up on crystal layouts including the section on the copper energy bed. The copper bed, which is a sheet of roofing copper 7x3' and is also discussed in The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, Chapter 2, "The Etheric Body", is a natural energy conductor. It accelerates the etheric magnetic field and, by doing so, shifts the warps, holes, damaged spots, and dense areas of the afflicted person's etheric field. It bring the etherics into their natural state of flow. With a natural flow, free of warps and holes, the etherics can properly attract and repel light frequencies, as it is supposed to do, according to the appropriate state of the person's vibration. It thereby removes the vulnerability of the person to the invasion of nasty spirits.
  3. Another solution is to use the principles of our Earthly, free-will zone. Mischievous lower fourth dimensional entities and all other other-worldly beings are required to respect our free will on Earth. Simply tell those invading spirits to get lost. If they come back, tell them again. The schizophrenic person needs to exercise his/her free will and tell the invaders to go away. You cannot do it for them. Simply say: "Be Gone, foul entities!!". The protection ritual should have the same effect. It goes as follows: 

"I call upon the great white light to come down within to surround and protect me. Beings of light, who are working for my best and highest interest are invited to be here now and to work with me. All other entities must now leave and are commanded to do so. So be it." 

    Keep in mind that schizophrenic persons are the incarnations of really new souls that have next to no experience on any realm of consciousness let alone on a world with the severe challenges of the third dimension on Earth. The light from the crystals will help, a copper energy bed will help, and the expression of free will should be effective, but the person's soul has a long way to go on its journey into consciousness. The soul needs to learn how to connect with its incarnation and how to send light and in the proper quantity and quality. Such learning at the soul-level takes a number of incarnate experiences to accomplish. Perhaps, bring your expectations of the healing outcome for the schizophrenic person into line with the nature of the condition.

    Getting past the myths about how our spiritual bodies and the crystals work requires effort and discernment. No pill, no pablum, just work and an open mind to the truth. 

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