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Crystals for the Schizophrenic

    I was recently asked if there were a crystal that would be helpful for a person with Schizophrenia. 

    Schizophrenia was a topic of interest for me several years ago. I did not find it to be complex, but there is a significant amount of background knowledge to draw upon before the answer becomes clear. See references at the end of this article. 

    Young, or more accurately, baby souls come to Earth as part of their initial dive into Earthly consciousness. Being neonates in the soul department, the soul of the schizophrenic has very little experience on Earth and is, therefore, not adept at living here or anywhere else in the universe. The baby-soul has very little connection with its incarnation and, therefore, is in a deficit position in sending light to its incarnation. Such light (divine energy, or spirit) is very essential and necessary and must be strong enough to maintain the vibration of the person in a healthy way. The soul of the schizophrenic needs to build up the light within its incarnation to acquire a viable "person's" vibration that can withstand the assaults from any of the negative energies that may be present in the local environment (including the immediately local higher-dimensional environment). 

    Without a "viable" vibration, the schizophrenic person is subject to the invasion of mischievous lower fourth (or so) dimensional entities. Delusions of grandeur are the primary symptoms. These delinquent entities pose as known beings... Jesus, King Henry VIII, or whoever... by taking over the body and acting out. 

    This invasion is possible because the Etheric Magnetic Field is weak and most often has warps, holes, or black and dense areas. The Etheric Magnetic Field is responsible for the attraction and repulsion of the light frequencies and energies that maintain a person's normal vibration. A weak etheric field is vulnerable to the invasion of a foreign spirit entity. Essentially, the body is occupied by two very different spirits. The invading entity usually has the stronger will and, more or less, takes over for a time until it gets bored or has somewhere else to go. Don't get the idea that these entities are strong. They are not! They are predatory, but only to extremely weak individuals, who are weaker than themselves. 

    The solution... 

  1. is to strengthen the etheric magnetic field, which emanates from the physical body. Simply add light. Clear quartz and grounding stones such as Hematite, Obsidian, and Onyx ((((Careful!!! Real Onyx is almost impossible to get as it is almost always Agate that has been treated. “Natural black onyx is extremely rare, so the commercial black variety is nearly always agate that has been stained by the sugar-sulphuric acid treatment, soaked in a sugar solution and then heated in sulphuric acid to carbonize the sugar.” From: Firefly Guide to Gems, by Cally Oldershaw )))) are helpful. Quartz to bring the light, and black grounding to hold it. No need to use any of the more specialized crystals. Bringing light is the objective.
  2. The most effective treatment I know of would be my copper energy bed. Go here ( to see the image and brief write up on crystal layouts including the section on the copper energy bed. The copper bed, which is a sheet of roofing copper 7x3' and is also discussed in The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, Chapter 2, "The Etheric Body", is a natural energy conductor. It accelerates the etheric magnetic field and, by doing so, shifts the warps, holes, damaged spots, and dense areas of the afflicted person's etheric field. It bring the etherics into their natural state of flow. With a natural flow, free of warps and holes, the etherics can properly attract and repel light frequencies, as it is supposed to do, according to the appropriate state of the person's vibration. It thereby removes the vulnerability of the person to the invasion of nasty spirits.
  3. Another solution is to use the principles of our Earthly, free-will zone. Mischievous lower fourth dimensional entities and all other other-worldly beings are required to respect our free will on Earth. Simply tell those invading spirits to get lost. If they come back, tell them again. The schizophrenic person needs to exercise his/her free will and tell the invaders to go away. You cannot do it for them. Simply say: "Be Gone, foul entities!!". The protection ritual should have the same effect. It goes as follows: 

"I call upon the great white light to come down within to surround and protect me. Beings of light, who are working for my best and highest interest are invited to be here now and to work with me. All other entities must now leave and are commanded to do so. So be it." 

    Keep in mind that schizophrenic persons are the incarnations of really new souls that have next to no experience on any realm of consciousness let alone on a world with the severe challenges of the third dimension on Earth. The light from the crystals will help, a copper energy bed will help, and the expression of free will should be effective, but the person's soul has a long way to go on its journey into consciousness. The soul needs to learn how to connect with its incarnation and how to send light and in the proper quantity and quality. Such learning at the soul-level takes a number of incarnate experiences to accomplish. Perhaps, bring your expectations of the healing outcome for the schizophrenic person into line with the nature of the condition.

    Getting past the myths about how our spiritual bodies and the crystals work requires effort and discernment. No pill, no pablum, just work and an open mind to the truth. 

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