Tuesday 29 May 2018

The Principle of “No-Response"

“He sees you when you're sleeping.
He knows when you're awake.
He knows if you've been bad or good.
So be good for goodness sake!”
So be good for goodness sake!

This last line is worth repeating for what it says, but it is also worth repeating for what it does not say. Be good, not to scare away the bad stuff or to put yourself above some undesirable circumstance. Be good for the sake of being good. The universe operates on vibration. Good resonates with good, bad goes where it belongs. Thinking that one can hide inappropriate actions is futile. If one lies, cheats, or steals, the action imprints itself on the etheric magnetic field as encoded vibration. S/he sees you when. . . S/he knows if you’ve. . .
But, will s/he (God) help you choose a better way? Sorry, Earth is a free will zone with the biggest choice in the universe---the choice to love or to not love.
God and the angels are bound to leave you to your choices. They cannot and do not interfere. Are all the choices you have ever made been good, or bad? Without beating ourselves up for any shortfalls we may have had late on a Saturday night, our lives are constantly challenging our better judgments. ‘Good’ is all goodness and love, but ‘bad’ comes in many shades. Cheating, even on taxes, is cheating, and it affects our vibration. It means that the cheater acquires karma that implants codes on his etheric body and sits in his vibration. God never said, “Go ahead, cheat on your taxes”, and s/he certainly did not tell anyone to start any ‘holy wars’. Yet, the flipside is that s/he never told anyone not to cheat on taxes, and s/he did not tell anyone not to start a holy war.
This is not quite the principle of ‘no-response’, but we are getting there.
God, Manitou, Allah, the Universe, Shiva, or Creator is love. God radiates love and sends love, and s/he responds to love in kind. God’s love goes where it is welcome.  S/he honours our choices with love. If we choose love, God’s love empowers us. If we choose hate or the lighter shades of displeasure instead, God will not send his almighty power to strengthen our hate and displeasure. Yet, neither will s/he speak out to dissuade us from making such choices. No angel will come to our door to tell us not to cheat on taxes. No intuitive voice of spiritual guidance will rise to caution us when we spurn friendship, judge others, or think that we are better than another person is. God’s love empowers us when we love. It does nothing when we do not love. It does not empower us; it does not warn us; it does not slap our knuckles, and it does not attempt to influence our choices. It does nothing.
The significance of the universe or God doing nothing (and this is the principle of no-response) is that the individual perpetrator does not realize that s/he is making choices or doing actions that are outside of love’s vibration. His/Her choices determine his vibration; and s/he fits into the world in the place that resonates. The devotee goes to the Ashram; the criminal goes to jail. God’s love empowers the devotee to find the means to experience the Ashram, but the criminal is left to his own devices.  The angels do not offer guidance to keep a ‘bad’ person from his just deserts.
The principle of no-response means that the divine powers of consciousness follow and empower our choices of love, but do not involve themselves with anything outside of love. The significance for an individual is that s/he will never know the difference.