Friday 1 June 2018

Base Chakra Confusion: Red versus Black

Image of the 7 primary chakras

     Myths abound in the literature of New Age Spirituality.
  Discernment is such a gift to the aspiring devotee!

     I have heard so many times from a plethora of different sources that the Base Chakra is Red.  This is not even to say that the Base Chakra resonates with the red ranges of light frequencies.  Most of these sources have yet to link chakras with the flow of light or venture an explanation as to how the chakra works with light.  They simply say the Base Chakra is Red. 

     Throughout my books, The Story of Light, (both volumes) and The Crystal Textbook, the base chakra is ascribed the colour black and the pelvic chakra is red.  Are the chakras black and red?  Can you actually see Red?  Rather than having specific colours, the base and pelvic chakras work with the black and red ranges of light frequencies respectively.  If you are seeing colours, it’s not the chakras, but rather the frequencies that the chakras are working with.  However, numerous other sources of new age writings, as well as, loose translations of the ancient Hindu texts, ascribe the colour red to the base chakra and now this misperception is all over the internet.

     In volume one of The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, Chapter 1, section 1.3, entitled, “Black: the Light of Earth, the black light frequency is described as being Earth’s indigenous light frequency. The reasoning is that, in the very beginning, at a time when light was absent from Earth, only the lowest and slowest of all frequencies could descend into the density of the physical plane. This was the black light frequency.  Therefore, Earth’s journey to enlightenment begins with the assimilation of black light.  The natural consequence is that, first, the Earth resonates with black light.  Second, all grounding is within the black frequency ranges.  And, third, to best harmonize with the Earth, the base chakra has traditionally resonated with the black light frequency range. 

     Why then do other literary sources ascribe the colour red to the base chakra?  Is the source of writing just parroting the vast proliferation of internet perceptions?  I first wish to point to an interesting blog from a scholarly source that gives “The Real Story on the Chakras”.  You can go to the blog article at this web address.  Basically, the blog says that the understanding of the Chakras has found its way into the unchallenged thinking of new age practitioners as a derivative of doubtful translations by a couple of Western writers and a few 20th century Gurus that are equally questionable.  Finally, someone has come along that has taken the time to actually understand the Sanskrit language before offering an interpretation of the extremely complex ideas that go with spirituality as written in the ancient Hindu texts.  I nearly jumped for joy when I read this blog post.  Here was the real goods to dispel the superficiality of a lot of spiritual delusions. 

     I am also compelled to offer my own explanation of the colours related to the base and pelvic chakras.  As the Body of Knowledge about divine light is the foundation of all my teachings, the comprehensive understanding of how each of the chakras works with light can be found in my Udemy course, which is on the subject of chakra empowerment using crystal layouts (search: Roger Joyeux, Crystal Layouts 3, Chakra Empowerment).  How could the student ever hope to understand how the crystals work with the chakras, if s/he did not first understand how the chakras work?  

      Back to the confusion. 

     Poorly translated Hindu texts aside, the reader must first discern the origins of the source of writing that talks of a red base chakra.  Is the source of writing from among the souls who incarnated onto the Earth at the beginning of time?  Or, is the source of writing from among souls who incarnated in this current millennium?  The soul’s origin makes a difference. 

     The original arrivals on Earth began at the lowest levels of Earth’s dense vibration and at the beginning of time.  The recent arrivals began in the new age, with no exposure to the extreme density that dominated Earth’s beginnings.  Earth’s vibration in the new age is almost ready for the ascension, and is, therefore, significantly higher than at any previous time.  Many new age authors, who make reference to the base chakra, are recent arrivals from far away planets and star systems.  The Pleiades and Sirius star systems have made themselves known, but these are not the only ones.  The recent arrivals on Earth bring a different perspective, but more importantly, their message is unique to their own home world.  They are here to help Earth through its process of ascension, but equally importantly, they are here to learn what Earth has to offernamely, to learn about life in a physical world.

     The source of confusion comes from the application of perceptions that are limited to the new age.  The vibration of the incarnate body of the original arrivals on Earth so long ago began at a much lower frequency rate than the vibration of the incarnate body of the recent arrivals.  The base chakra of the original arrival has resonated traditionally and primarily with black light frequencies, but the base chakra of the recent arrival resonates at a frequency rate that is a full octave higher.  The recent arrival’s base chakra does not reach down into the lower ranges of the grounding black light frequencies.  It, therefore, resides within the red light frequency range with limited understanding of the lower black light.

     In their quest to help Earth through written publication, the recent arrivals write from the limited perspective of their own vibrations.  This perspective reflects familiarity with the higher vibrations that presently dominate the current new age, but not familiarity with the traditional lower vibrations that are still very much present on Earth.  Black light, then, is not innate to the recent arrival who is still learning about life on Earth.  The new arrival’s vibration is impressively higher and quite appealing to the devotee who is in the process of spiritual awakening.

Representation of the Base Chakra

    To the soul that has been on Earth since the beginning, the base chakra carries black light frequencies, resonates readily with the Earth, and responds to love and the divine vibration of Smoky Quartz for its opening.  In contrast, the soul of the recent arrival sees the base chakra at a higher vibration level.  The new arrival’s base chakra is within the red frequency ranges.  That is their truth.  The need to open the base chakra is integral to the original arrivals’ spiritual journey, but may not be necessary or even mentioned by the recent arrival, except in an empowerment context, which assumes that the base chakra is already open.

     The vast majority of souls on Earth are not recent arrivals.  The traditional need to open the base chakra, at the start of the spiritual journey, still applies.  Understanding who is proselytizing about red base chakras—the internet, recent arrivals, or misrepresented sanskrit texts—is a major step in clearing the confusion about how to proceed in achieving the spiritual awakening that is still required to graduate from incarnate life on Earth. 

     In your discernment, are you a recent arrival? Are you listening to sources that mimic poor scholarship?  Or are you one of the souls who have toiled over the many millennia to bring Earth’s vibration into alignment for the coming ascension?  If you are the latter, your base chakra resonates with the black light ranges of frequencies, and you will have to proceed through your spiritual awakening, walk the spiritual path, and achieve the enlightened state in the same way as has always been on Earth.

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Tuesday 29 May 2018

The Principle of “No-Response"

“He sees you when you're sleeping.
He knows when you're awake.
He knows if you've been bad or good.
So be good for goodness sake!”
So be good for goodness sake!

This last line is worth repeating for what it says, but it is also worth repeating for what it does not say. Be good, not to scare away the bad stuff or to put yourself above some undesirable circumstance. Be good for the sake of being good. The universe operates on vibration. Good resonates with good, bad goes where it belongs. Thinking that one can hide inappropriate actions is futile. If one lies, cheats, or steals, the action imprints itself on the etheric magnetic field as encoded vibration. S/he sees you when. . . S/he knows if you’ve. . .
But, will s/he (God) help you choose a better way? Sorry, Earth is a free will zone with the biggest choice in the universe---the choice to love or to not love.
God and the angels are bound to leave you to your choices. They cannot and do not interfere. Are all the choices you have ever made been good, or bad? Without beating ourselves up for any shortfalls we may have had late on a Saturday night, our lives are constantly challenging our better judgments. ‘Good’ is all goodness and love, but ‘bad’ comes in many shades. Cheating, even on taxes, is cheating, and it affects our vibration. It means that the cheater acquires karma that implants codes on his etheric body and sits in his vibration. God never said, “Go ahead, cheat on your taxes”, and s/he certainly did not tell anyone to start any ‘holy wars’. Yet, the flipside is that s/he never told anyone not to cheat on taxes, and s/he did not tell anyone not to start a holy war.
This is not quite the principle of ‘no-response’, but we are getting there.
God, Manitou, Allah, the Universe, Shiva, or Creator is love. God radiates love and sends love, and s/he responds to love in kind. God’s love goes where it is welcome.  S/he honours our choices with love. If we choose love, God’s love empowers us. If we choose hate or the lighter shades of displeasure instead, God will not send his almighty power to strengthen our hate and displeasure. Yet, neither will s/he speak out to dissuade us from making such choices. No angel will come to our door to tell us not to cheat on taxes. No intuitive voice of spiritual guidance will rise to caution us when we spurn friendship, judge others, or think that we are better than another person is. God’s love empowers us when we love. It does nothing when we do not love. It does not empower us; it does not warn us; it does not slap our knuckles, and it does not attempt to influence our choices. It does nothing.
The significance of the universe or God doing nothing (and this is the principle of no-response) is that the individual perpetrator does not realize that s/he is making choices or doing actions that are outside of love’s vibration. His/Her choices determine his vibration; and s/he fits into the world in the place that resonates. The devotee goes to the Ashram; the criminal goes to jail. God’s love empowers the devotee to find the means to experience the Ashram, but the criminal is left to his own devices.  The angels do not offer guidance to keep a ‘bad’ person from his just deserts.
The principle of no-response means that the divine powers of consciousness follow and empower our choices of love, but do not involve themselves with anything outside of love. The significance for an individual is that s/he will never know the difference.

Monday 9 April 2018

Peach Stilbite, the Healer of Broken Hearts

Peach Stilbite is a healing crystal.  It was created in the ocean.  So what does that tell you right away?  It’s created in water.  The emotions are liquid, are water.  Peach Stilbite is a stone that works with the emotional body.

When Peach Stilbite first arrived on Earth, it passed through the water in the ocean.  Many crystals come to Earth as higher dimensional vibrations that precipitate into physical form.  Peach Stilbite precipitated after passing through water.  The water acted as a filter to ensure that the frequencies that crystalized into Peach Stilbite were primarily the frequencies of the emotions and the emotional body.

Peach Stilbite, in particular, arrived very quickly on Earth.  What you will notice, when you look at it, is that it has a fan shape.  It looks somewhat like frozen orange juice.  Its shape is indicative of a form-energy that broke through from the higher realms to crystalize on the third dimension fast.  Peach Stilbite almost splashes it way onto the Earth.

Being a peach colour, Peach Stilbite works with the heart chakra.  Specifically, it works with the emotional body of the heart chakra.  The primary role of Peach Stilbite is to sooth and align the emotional body of the user’s third dimensional heart with the heart of his soul.  If the emotional body of the third dimensional heart is not in alignment with the heart of the soul, heartaches are going to follow.  These are situations of love lost, and are true misalignments.  The heartache that goes with divorce and betrayal are examples of such misalignments.  In a situation of such profound lost love, the Earthly heart cannot connect with the heart of the soul.  Peach Stilbite steps in to sooth the emotional body of the third dimensional heart, and re-establishes its alignment with the heart of the soul.

When the heart of the soul is in alignment with the emotional body of the third dimensional heart, love can flow.  Love makes the world go round, and it heals the aching heart.  The aligned heart does not have any heart aches.  The person with the aligned heart is happy.  He will be in balance, and will feel good about himself.  After all, the love of the soul is flowing into his heart.  Can’t go wrong with the soul’s love!

Peach Stilbite has another role.  Its secondary function is that it brings the awareness of reason to the intellect to overcome illusions.  Illusions are usually fueled by the emotions and driven by the mind.  So for example, a person may have a misaligned heart.  He may be a jilted lover.  He may be a stalker.  He is someone who is emotionally charged, and creates a great deal of difficulty for the person with whom he thinks he has a relationship.  The emotions are out-of-control due to the misalignment.  The truth about the relationship is beyond his grasp.  He is under illusions, which he will have to overcome to come back into balance.  He needs to return to a state of mind where his emotions are in check and he is aware of reason.

Peach Stilbite works with the intellect to help the delusional person overcome illusions.  It activates the intellect to figure out the problem.  If the problem is with an ex-lover, the realization of the truth might be that the time with that person has passed, and the time to simply move on has come.  If stalking is the problem, the realization might be that self-gratification and terrorizing another person is not healthy, and could lead to criminal charges. Peach Stilbite empowers a person’s intellect to be aware of the reality and of what needs to be done to return to an aligned heart.

Where and how is Peach Stilbite used?  Quite often I use it in crystal layouts where the client lies with crystals on the body for 20-26 minutes.  One could keep it close—on a desk perhaps or even the kitchen table.  My wife and I have a good sized Peach Stilbite cluster at the head of our bed.  I firmly believe that it has enhanced our relationship.  Where would you keep a piece of Peach Stilbite?

Peach Stilbite works to heal the traumatized emotional body of the heart through the alignment of the heart’s emotions with the heart of the soul, and through the realization of the truth by the illumination of the intellect.

Peach Stilbite, the healer of broken hearts.

Indeed, with Love and Light,

Sunday 4 February 2018

Do you take Cream and Sugar with your Crystals?

     Crystals and more crystals, and what-ever should I do with them?

     Crystals are here on Earth to bring light. So, what better place to put them than on the coffee table in the living room? Bring divine light into your primary living space and give it a vibrational lift!

     Come with me on the Magical Mystery Tour of my coffee table crystals. Here is an image of the crystals on the coffee table in our living room. Wherever will I put my coffee?

     This collection of living room crystals is the result of a couple of decades of working with crystals in a serious way. If you are thinking of starting a living-room-crystal project, start with what you have. No need to get everything today!
    Crystals bring light. The light they bring is determined by your vibration. Hence, what you have to put on your coffee table is perfect for right now, and perfectly in tune with your vibration. As your crystals bring light, your vibration rises and more crystals will find their way into your collection.

     This image shows the core centre-piece crystals. See the large crystal ball in the very centre. Light comes into a ball from all sides, but light is also coming in from all sides of the ball at a dimensional level above the physical plane. Both physical and higher dimensional light is moving in and out of the crystal ball. The three larger clear quartz-points and the two smaller quartz-points around the ball are generator crystals because of their larger size. They push a significant amount of light. Notice how they are arranged to point in a counter-clockwise direction. In this configuration they create a counter-clockwise vortex that causes the light flow to be in-bound. For the person who is not yet enlightened and ascended, the idea is to bring the light into the physical body. Between the crystal ball and the generators, a fair amount of light is swirling around in this space as it finds its way into our living room.

     Going around the table starting in the twelve o’clock position, Pink Halite sits on top of a Selenite slab. I had my eyes peeled for a quality piece of Pink Halite ever since I first encountered it in 1994 at the Conclave of Archangel Michael in Banff.  I got this piece from Silver Cove about 2 years ago. Pink Halite creates its own vortex of out-bound light. It brings the vibrations of love and compassion that go with the pink heart chakra frequencies. Yes, there is love in our living room!
     The Selenite is the pathway to the highest places of one’s own being. In this case, Selenite, with the help of Pink Halite’s love, is reaching into the highest levels of the universe to bring the highest parts of the collective higher-self of my wife, myself, our dog, Merlin, and whatever else constitutes the vibration of our home.

     Here we have a good-sized piece of Malachite (bottom) and a raw natural Fluorite. Malachite works to remove the negative aspects of the vibrations that are flowing through this space. It is a light cleanser that removes the undesirable aspects of vibration that may find their way. The Fluorite (everyone needs Fluorite) opens the door to help light flow from the higher dimensions of the universe, as well as, making a place for spirit guides to come to bring their love and influences to our home.

     Going clockwise round the table, you can see the Fluorite, and now add Rose Quartz and Sodalite. Rose Quartz adds love to the mix of light. Pink Halite and Rose Quartz provide the same basic frequency of love wherever they are placed. More love! The Sodalite is a stone that aligns the will of the individual on Earth with the will of his or her higher-self in the heavens. If your will is the same as divine will, what would it be?

     Here is my first book, The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment. It, too, adds vibration to the mix. If you want to understand crystals beyond mere cause-and-effect, first understand light. This book is a window for the intellect to envision the wisdom of divine light and to envision the steps on the spiritual path.  No pabulum and lots to learn!

     At the seven o’clock position there is my conch, which puts out quite a sound if done right, Labradorite, and what we call the Abundance Angel (clear quartz). A string of prayer beads that comes from a Shaman we know is around the neck of the angel. Labradorite’s contribution to the table is that of consciousness healing and expansion. You can see the iridescent shimmer of blue, green, and gold hues on its surface. The iridescent shimmer is indicative of vibrations that are quite subtle, as are the vibrations of consciousness.

     Finally, here is an additional piece of raw Rose Quartz for more love. As it is a tea-light holder, it carries the flame to show the way through the darkness as the spiritual path unfolds before the eyes of the devotee. Contemplate the flame and be-here-now.

The coffee table in the living room is a great place to start bringing divine light into your space!

Love and Light,

Saturday 27 January 2018

Healing and Bloodstone

     Healers of all kinds will benefit from knowing how the healing crystals work and how they are best used.  Perhaps you are already an intuitive healer, but now want to learn how crystals can help.  If you are an intuitive healer, crystals will work for you, but your own gift trumps all.

     Healing needs to be understood.  What is healing?  You deserve a definition, or at least a clarification.  I define healing as the acceleration of form so that light can enter.

     Let me explain.  Any form in its current state of density, your physical body for example, will work with a specific range of light frequencies at a specific level of vibration.  If you take that same form, and accelerate it so that it vibrates faster, it will then work with more and higher ranges of light frequencies.  When a given form needs healing, whether that form is the physical body or one of the subtle bodies, the implication is that the form does not accept light very well.  If the flow of light into the form is impeded or blocked sufficiently, disease develops and healing becomes necessary.

     The healing process involves the acceleration of form to open form to more and higher light frequencies.  Light then enters and does the healing. I call this “classic healing”.  A crystal that does healing in this classical sense, as I am defining it, accelerates form.  The light then comes in.  Thereafter, light does the healing.  Classic healing crystals are green with a few exceptions.

     The myth that plagues crystals and healing is that crystals do the healing.  No!  Crystals do not do healing.  Crystals bring light.  Light does the healing.  Because getting this right is so important, let me repeat.  Crystals do not do healing.  Crystals bring and manipulate light.  Light does the healing.  The essence of the myth of healing and why so many crystals are erroneously labelled as healing crystals is found in the nature of divine light.  Quite simply, all crystals, with the odd exception, work with light.  Light does the healing.  Because all crystals work with light, what follows is that all crystals do healing.  Loosely saying that all crystals do healing is a truth, but only in the strictest sense of the language.  It is a meaningless truth.  Such a truth offers no understanding about how crystals work.

     Another important perspective I need to mention briefly in passing is that healing is not an eternal process.  Once healed, the healing process is no longer necessary.  The analogy might be where a person receives a cut on the forearm.  Thereafter, she goes to the doctor and gets half a dozen stitches.  Two weeks later, the stitches are removed.  Scar tissue develops to complete the healing process.  The point is that the cut does not need to be healed all over again.  Healing is complete.  So, move on.

     On to Bloodstone!

     Bloodstone is a classic healer and an old Earth stone.  In Bloodstone’s case, the form that it accelerates is not actually form, but rather the etheric magnetic field.  Specifically, Bloodstone works with the innermost layers of the etheric body’s magnetic field.  The etheric magnetic field emanates out from the human body for a couple of feet or so.  If a person is sitting in quiet meditation, the field can be significantly more than a couple of feet. 

     So, how does Bloodstone work? 

     First, the physical body has a blockage somewhere.  Symptoms of a blockage that Bloodstone would work with include physical stiffness of movement, especially in the joints, and perhaps fatigue and paralysis.  Place Bloodstone wherever the problem is located in your body, such as right on the joint, right where the muscles are fatigued, right where the bruise might be, right at the place of paralysis, or wherever there is stiffness.  Place Bloodstone on that spot, and it will work just fine.

     Alternatively, you can place it on the second chakra for the fact that it is a second chakra stone.  If you put a piece in your pocket and walk around with it, it will work equally as well.  Preferably use a smooth tumbled piece for the sake of comfort.  On the second chakra or in your pocket, Bloodstone’s energies are picked up by the etheric magnetic field and taken to the place that needs healing.

     Second, Bloodstone’s energies journey through the body.  They move around; they meander within your aura to different parts of the body, and they pulse as they go.  The stone’s energies continue to meander until they encounter a blockage.  Bloodstone then goes to work.  Initially, its energies simply accumulate around the blockage and continue to pulse.  The pulse strengthens because of the accumulation.  Accumulation continues until the pulses become strong enough to actually hammer their way through the density in the etheric magnetic field.  This is Bloodstone’s version of accelerating form.  Upon busting up the blockage, Bloodstone’s frequencies and the frequencies of the local area rush in to work their healing magic.  Because of the pulsing and hammering, I call Bloodstone the sledgehammer of the crystal world. 

     Bloodstone’s second chakra vibration is relatively low on the scale of high and low.  The density that it works to overcome is also lower on the scale.  The healing that Bloodstone offers applies to quite physically dense areas of the body.  Most often, a healing from Bloodstone is apparent to the stone’s user.  Bloodstone is an effective old-Earth, classic-healer that works directly with the etheric magnetic field to heal physical maladies.

     Healing with light is subtle and should never be used as a substitute for sound advice from professional medical practitioners.