Monday 14 March 2022

The Importance of Breath

 Getting out of the hospital after an operation to remove kidney stones was like a breath of fresh air. Yes, there was pain. Yes, there was karma clearing; and mostly, yes, I was glad to put it behind me. Beyond all of that, what actually happened was an extremely valuable lesson that I learned about the breath of fresh air that I so cherished.

My book, The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate, has a very interesting discussion about the light holding capacity of the molecules of the air, and of oxygen in particular. I have taught people to be aware of the contribution of the breath to raising their vibration on numerous occasions and also emphasized the value of consciously working with the nostrils, nasopharynx, bronchial tubes, and alveoli. Each part of the respiratory tract contributes to the oxygenation of the body and the spiritual practitioner needs to be aware to use them appropriately. To quote my book, “As oxygen readily assimilates light to become divine Oneness, it indeed carries the primary life force on the planet. Pranayama (a.k.a., yogic breathing) is essentially the bringing of oxygen’s Oneness into the body.”

Oxygen molecule graphic

The great lesson that I learned during my hospital visit was just how significant and how immediate the respiratory tract is to the oxygenation of the body. There I was in the post-op area, about 15 minutes after recovering consciousness from the general anaesthetic that I had been under. I was quite awake and conscious and definitely breathing. My breath was sometimes deep and full, and sometimes short and shallow. I was hooked up to the monitors that show heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and most interestingly oxygen saturation.

The post-op duty nurse answered my question that they like to see at least 92% oxygen saturation. Here is what happened to impress me about the awesome power of the breath, actually two breaths to be exact. At one point, my breath was shallow enough that the monitor read 89% saturation. I then thought I had better start breathing better. My next two breaths―only twowere moderately long and deep. In those two breaths, my oxygen saturation went to 94%. In five breaths, it rose to 97%, and by the twelfth breath, I was at 99%.

This was scientific proof of just how important even a single breath can be to the well being of the body, and especially to the exposure to the divine light frequencies carried by the oxygen molecule. As much as I was awed by this clear demonstration of the value of the breath, the nurse casually confirmed this phenomenon as something she sees all the time. I am sure that that would be true for any post-op nurse.

As for me, I am still in awe enough to both write this article and make a more conscious effort to make longer, deeper breaths a habit.

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