Saturday 11 January 2020

The Choice: Illusion or Not!

    Yes, we are supposed to be living on a planet of free-will.  And we do, but do we?  Sure-we-do, but you need to know how it works if you are going to make the choices that suit you.  First question for you… do you want to be a good person or not?  You quite clearly have the option to choose to be a Donald.  You also have the option to be a kind, generous, nice, and loving person.
    If spirituality is your goal, what choice do you think that entails?  Without further adieu, the will to be spiritual means choosing love.  The next question is… are you consciously aware enough to see the difference between choosing love and choosing that which is not-love?  Do NOT take your conscious awareness for granted.  Lots of nice people do bad things.  Someone famous once said: “Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.”  When it comes to choosing to be spiritual, do you know what you are doing?
    All these questions pose the challenge that is inherent to living on Earth.  The challenge is to choose without knowing that the choice is the key to the universe.  Choosing opens doors.  Do you want to descend to the basement or ascend to the top floor?  Where on the scale of high and low vibration do you want to be?  Do you want to live in the mundane world, or do you aspire to be a bodhisattva and achieve the ascension?  Indeed, you have the free will to take yourself where you want to go.  Let’s not get into denial.
    Do you want to be spiritual?  The spiritual path begins with the choices to be loving.  Kindness, generosity, honesty, and being nice are the conditions that lead up to being loving.  These and similar preliminary choices demonstrate to-the-universe that you are willing to fulfil all the conditions that lead to love.  Oh! for heaven’s sake!  Do not get cemented into the illusion that unconditional love is the way forward.  Unconditional love follows the fulfillment of all the conditions that make love possible.  Love without honesty, respect, and all the other conditions does not happen.  So, turn it around—love is conditional to the achievement of all its attributes.  Love without peace—hah! … not possible.
    The choice then is to choose love.  There is a very technical, almost scientific way of conceiving how this works.  Do you want to connect with the enlightened universe; do you want to achieve enlightenment and the ascension?  Do you want to be spiritual enough to connect with your angelic spirit guides and receive the wisdom and knowledge of the universe?  Do you want to gain access to the consciousness of nirvana?  Well… all these choices are dependent on love.
    Consider the way the universe is constructed.  Having access to the Oneness of the all-pervasive, divine, and loving heavens comes with the merging of vibrations.  Who gets to take consciousness into the higher realms?  Vibration must be in harmony.  The gatekeepers of the divine universe are not going to permit entry to individuals that do not know love!  How else could it be?  The divine heavens are total and complete omnipresent love.  No drunks allowed!  No deviants, no murderers, no rapists, no sarcastic people, no cheats!  The only vibration that is consistent with the divine universe (as opposed to the not-so-divine universe, i.e., the dark side) is love.  The heavens are set up to permit entry only to those who have demonstrated love enough to bring their vibrations to an adequate level to be in harmony with the divine.
    So, back to the challenge that is inherent to the exercise of free-will.  If you do not have sufficient conscious awareness to know enough to choose love, your life is not going to find its way onto the spiritual path.  If you are consciously aware of what is required, do you really want to be spiritual?  If not, conscious awareness will recede into the darkness and you will lose it along with your place on the spiritual path.  If so, whether aware or not, the prerequisite is to choose love.  With enough love, the heavens come home. 
    The illusion is to think that choosing without love will take you anywhere but down.  So, choose love and I will see you in the heavens.