Sunday, 17 May 2015

Choosing Your First Crystal

A good friend recently asked: “What crystal should I get if I am just starting out on my spiritual path?”

Well…..   I have to ask a question in return!

Do you know love?  What do you know about love?  Is love a big or little part of your life?
Ok, so that was several questions and I will need to explain why love is so important.

The spiritual path starts with love.  To get on the spiritual path, a person needs to make a series of choices that show he or she knows love.  There is a lead up to the moment of spiritual opening.  Love is the lead.  Love is the fire-wall that ensures that only persons with love can rise to spiritual attainment.  Because spiritual life involves a much greater connection with the higher self, the soul, and God's universe in the higher dimensions, love is a prerequisite.  Would connecting with the soul be possible for someone that does not choose love?  The short answer is: no!  Would you want persons, who would not be willing to choose love, to be wielding the energies of the soul?  Love, then, is the key to finding your way onto the spiritual path. There is no compromise here.

The best crystal for empowering a person with love is Rose Quartz.  Rose Quartz is the self-love stone.  It is not intended for projecting love out into the world.  It is not for placing a force field of love around your body.  It is not directly a healing crystal.  It works to strengthen the love you have within.  It combines the love that you have within with the love of divine origin.  The resulting combined love is a new and higher vibration of love that then becomes available to you.  Being a higher vibration, it raises your vibration and raises the love vibration you have.  Rose Quartz is the stone to boost your love and solidify your place on the spiritual journey.

There are many other stones that would be beneficial for the newly-minted devotee.  Primary among these would be six-sided clear Quartz points and Smoky Quartz.  First, clear Quartz brings in the full spectrum of divine light frequencies.  Consider that the purpose of the spiritual path is to bring you to enlightenment.  Ever-so-simple, to be enlightened, you need light frequencies. Second, Smoky Quartz works to open the base chakra for the release of the soul-seed light, which marks the official beginning of the spiritual path.  It is the initiate’s stone for raising the kundalini.  The base chakra, soul-seed, and Smoky Quartz are covered in detail in my books.

So, the answer to the question of which crystals to get first is: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz points, and Smoky Quartz.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Psychic Predictions

When a psychic or anyone else attempts to discern the future through prediction, that person is projecting his or her intuition outward from the now-moment.  Earth is limited to here and now.  So, predictions can only be made in the here and now.  One cannot step outside of the now moment, transcend into the “then” moment, and return with a scoop on future events.  As vibrations in one now-moment will always be different from the next or past now-moments, projections into the future will have entirely different vibrations as well.
Predictions are not false.  They are correct for the moment that they were made.  Because they project into a time and space that will have changed by the time the moment of the prediction arrives, the possibilities predicted will have changed as well.  Even a single choice made by a key player in the outcome of events that does not align with the prediction will send the prediction in an entirely different direction.  In the past, the enlightened growth of the Earth was quite slow.  Therefore, changes were minimal.  In a world that changes very little, predictions can be accurate because the now-moment and the predicted-moment are very similar.  In our current time period, enlightened growth is very rapid.  Changes are constant and significant.  The now-moment and the predicted-moment are not at all alike.
While Nostradamus was able to predict the future accurately in the 16th century, because the world was almost unchanging, the psychic in today՚s world has very little chance.  The 21st century and our choices are constantly in flux making predictions highly inaccurate.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Negative Entity

I recently received a query about unlit souls—persons with no light.  The question arose from the section entitled “The Negative Entity”, which can be found in my second volume, The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate, in Chapter 2, “Into the Void”.  The query came from a person who was concerned that her sister’s husband fit the description of “the negative entity”.  From the information given and the background of the person involved, I was happy to offer that the likelihood of the husband being a negative entity was infinitesimally small.  So, then, what is a negative entity?
As with all of what I write, the depth is quite significant.  Careful reading is required; and multiple readings are suggested.  The passage about the unlighted entity comes just ahead of Chapter 3 on disconnected souls, entitled: “Lost Souls”.  Upon a single reading of The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate, I can appreciate that the reader might merge the information of the two sections, “Lost Souls” and “The Negative Entity”, to come out with a skewed perception that does not differentiate between the two. The Lost Soul is not a Negative Entity.
“The Negative Entity”, refers to exactly that: the negative entity.  The negative entity is not a soul. Truth is! That is, negative implies the negation of truth. Husbands, and any other persons for that matter, can be negative entities, but are not likely to be so.  The chances are, again, infinitesimally small.  Incarnate persons, husbands included, are the extensions of souls, but not souls of themselves.  The “negative entity”, on the other hand, occupies a physical body and has consciousness, but is void of a soul.  It is not connected to a soul either.  It is an entity defined by the absence of a soul.
So, how does that happen?  Read on!
On its own, the negative entity is also void of light.  However, the negative entity, as does any normal person, needs divine light and energy to survive.  But, in stark contrast to a normal person, the light that the negative entity does possess is not its own.  The negative entity attracts light through its negative polarity from other sources of light, which are usually other people.  It has some light, just not from any soul presence.  The amount and quality of the light it does possess is limited to what it can leech from whatever source is available.
Let’s take the explanation further by shifting into some background knowledge.
From Chapter 13, “Basic Involvement of the Soul”, in volume 2, The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate, firstly, persons are the extensions of their souls, and second, souls are the manifest creations of higher souls and, inevitably the Godhead.  Taking both points at once, the Godhead creates souls, which create lesser souls, which create even lesser souls, which create incarnations—you and me.  The hierarchy of souls is outlined in Chapter 13 and can be found in other literary sources, perhaps with minor variations.  A primary observation from this section is that there is a lineage of souls originating at the Godhead.  As such, the incarnate person is connected to his or her soul.  Souls are connected at each level to souls at the next higher level.  The highest souls are connected to the Godhead at the centre of creation.  There is no break in the line of connection leading to the Godhead.
The next piece in the puzzle comes from Chapter 3 in volume 2, entitled: “Lost Souls”.  Lucifer is among the “lost souls”.  If you wish to look at his story, this section provides a very different understanding of his plight and eternal journey back to the light than you might find anywhere else.  To very briefly summarize this section, the most devoted beings within the Godhead’s angelic kingdom participated in a failed experiment at the very beginning of the sojourn into third dimensional consciousness.  The hope, which turned out to be hopeless, involved severing the connection to the Godhead in an effort to take divine light deeper into third dimensional physicality.  Not having a connection to the Godhead turned out to be a major folly among the enlightened beings of Godhead’s angelic legions.  Indeed, these souls lost their way!  The point is that the disconnection between the Godhead and souls and lesser souls is a distinct possibility.  So, what does disconnection mean at the incarnate level?
Let’s start with the moment a soul connects to a person’s body, and then look at the disconnection.  From my first volume, The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, towards the end of Chapter 2, “The Etheric Body”, in the section entitled, “Miracle of Birth”, the soul enters the human body immediately following the exit of the foetal body from the womb.  Birth makes the separation of the foetus from the mother a reality.  One could say the soul comes upon the first breath.  Thereafter, the foetus becomes a complete person.  The need for separation is explained in this section (if you wish to look it up) and is crucial to the moment-of-entry of the soul.
 No matter what those with a ‘quasi-enlightened’ perception might have us believe, not all on Earth is exactly as it is supposed to be.  Not all is perfect—perfectly imperfect perhaps, but certainly not perfectly perfect!  (A person can always twist the definition to create oneß´s own meaning.) Much imperfection abounds.  Birth, for example, produces numerous anomalies such as cleft pallets, congenital heart defects, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and more.  Birth can also be a problem for the soul.  The soul experiences problems similar to the problems encountered when light frequencies come to the Earth.   Divine light frequencies that cross the threshold from higher dimensions to the third dimensional physical plane are coming from a place of very high and subtle vibration and are entering a significantly lower and denser vibration.  They often become damaged, warped, or distorted in any manner of ways.  (Please see The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, sections 1.8 and 1.9 of Chapter 1, especially the list of problems encountered by the yin/yang aspects of light frequencies in their attempts to reunite.)  Similarly, the vibration of the soul is high and subtle and the vibration of the foetal body is physical and, therefore, low and dense.  The contrast is intense.
 Unfortunately, when the soul enters the foetal body, upon separation from the mother’s body at the moment of birth, it sometimes misses.  The vibrational differences are, at times, too great to make the entry possible.  The foetal body is born, but the soul fails to merge into it.  The result is the negative entity.  The 'person' is physically complete, but has no soul presence.  Very few of such births last beyond a few days, but some make it into adult life.
Negative entities survive on the energy of lighted persons with whom they share proximity.  The entity’s parents would count among the first of these persons following birth.  Other persons contribute energy to the negative entity along the way.  The physical negative soul-less person survives because it exits the womb already adapted to and part of the physical world.  In each case, as explained in the section “The Negative Entity”, the negative entity takes on the demeanour of the person from whom the energy is acquired.  He or she reflects or mirrors the lighted soul-connected person’s energy to project a false personality.  Essentially, the negative entity is operating on the donor’s energy and light, and therefore, presents to the world in patterns empowered by the characteristics of that energy and light.  The negative entity might appear to be honest, for example, because it is functioning with the honest vibrations of the donor’s energy and light.
The negative entity functions like any other person, but without a soul.  Normally, the soul provides the energy and light required for development into personhood, but with the negative entity, that energy comes from other persons.  ‘Psychic vampire’ may be a term that would apply.  The life of the negative entity is entirely dependent on light from other persons and is, therefore, a very precarious existence.  Hence, life-span is usually very short, and the numbers of negative entities is quite small.
For a normal soul-connected person, and especially one with a spiritual life where conscious awareness of spirituality is in play, the chance of coming into contact with a negative entity is almost zero.  Vibration harmonizes with vibration of like characteristics.  For a spiritual person, being in the presence of a negative entity is highly unlikely.  Further, having a meaningful relationship with a negative entity cannot happen in the first place, and being married to one is almost impossible.  The two vibrations just would not fit.
If a soul-connected person thinks that a negative entity is in his or her life, the more likely scenario is that the stages of evolutionary spiritual development are noticeably different.  One person is well connected to his or her soul, guides, and angels and is an old or even an ascended soul, while the other person is poorly connected and a young or even baby soul. Young, neo-nate, or baby souls struggle to make the connection to their incarnations. If that were the case, the person of the young soul would be leeching the energy and light of the person of the old soul in a manner similar to the negative entity. The problem, however, would not be anywhere as severe.  Perhaps the old soul is the young soul’s mentor for this lifetime, as the young soul progresses through its maturity on Earth.  The old soul may also be serving as a channel for the light as the young soul learns how to bring its light to its incarnation.  The hidden answer lies in love.  Let your heart be your guide.
Even in the most severe case, negative entities are not strong.  They depend on the energy they get from others, and therefore, can only be as strong as that person’s energy allows.   However, if the soul-connected person allows fear, deceit, judgment, or any other negative vibration to complicate his or her own vibration, the presence of negativity gives the negative entity a welcome-mat to steal away energy and light.  So, fear not, and all will then be well.

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