Sunday 9 January 2022

The Implications of Balance in a World of Free Will

One + One = Two. Ever so simple!

Evolving thought comes as a person adds one known to another known to arrive at a third previously unknown from the synthesis of the first two. The rhetorical saying that I personally subscribed to some years back was: “One must see the obvious before one can see further. What will be obvious tomorrow is not obvious today; and what is obvious today was not obvious yesterday.”

One: We live in a world of free-will. We have the option to choose love or to choose not-love. Still pretty simple! Choosing love brings a person to better relationships, to the path of spirituality, to harmony, and to a greater awareness of the connection to the higher realms. Choosing not-love is just as simple. It brings anger, agitation, judgment, conflict, and a reduction in awareness of the connection to lower vibration.

Another One: Earth is a planet of balance. Unlike Mars, we on Earth are not inherently warriors, or adventurers, or pioneers. And unlike Venus, we are not inherently compassionate, kind, or loving. Some of us are each of these at different times in our lives. Earth sits in a position of balance between the planets of love and war. When imbalance rears its ugly head, most of us do not have any difficulty seeing the problems it brings. A great deal of the practice of spiritual healing is focused on re-establishing balance. Disease is an imbalance—too much cigarette smoke leads to cancer. Perhaps the most noticeable imbalances are those in the political arena. When dictators, democratic or not, impose their personal agendas, countries drift toward imbalances. Corruption is an imbalance.

One + Another One = Two: When you add free-will to Earth’s balancing act, the outcome becomes a choice to live in balance or not. When the will is in-balance and on the path of love, consideration is given to others. A person has tolerance, appreciation, and goodwill, without going overboard. Such a person has goodwill for others, but also for self—in balance.

On the other side of the coin, when the will is out-of-balance and the person has chosen to not-love, really bad things happen. What can a strong will from the dark side do? Search the internet for the movie: “Triumph of the Will”. The Nazis understood the will. World War 2 is a case of excessively strong will married to the choice to not-love on a global scale. Bringing the warring world back into balance in 1945 took an atomic bomb to establish peace. Does this grate against your illusions of how the world is on Earth. Good! One must see the obvious before one can see further.

Ask the question: why have we, on Earth, had to live under the illusive hope that there will somehow be world peace? Wars and interpersonal conflicts have been a part of the past for as long as memory allows. The present is no different. The threat of mutually assured destruction from thermo-nuclear war has kept the world at peace since 1945, but pseudo-wars have broken out in different parts of the globe continually—Khuzestan 1945, Indo-Pakistan 1947, Arab-Israel 1948 /56 /67 /73  /82 /87 /00 /06 /08 /12 /14 /21, China 1949, Korea 1953, Taiwan Strait 1954/58/95, Vietnam 1954/65, Tibet 1959, Cuba 1959, Congo 1960, Ethiopia 1964, South Africa 1966, Gulf War 1991/2003, and on and on. Current on-going conflicts (how is war defined by the UN?) include Israel-Palestine, Panjshir, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Afghanistan-Iran, Sudan-Ethiopia. There was just way too many to list every pseudo-war or conflict since 1945. As I write this, Russia is building up troops on its border with the Ukraine, and Biden and Putin are planning a meeting to address what is going on.

If you think world peace is possible, look at the fundamentals: balance and free-will.

First fundamental: As a planet of balance, there will always be imbalance to deal with. This does not say that we are not evolving towards higher vibrations, which we are. But relations on Earth, including our relationship with climate, will always experience intermittent states of imbalance, whether major or minor. War is easy to point to, but imbalances are inevitable and constant. As a quick example, our dog, Merlin, is full of bounding energy right now because the ambient temperature outside is -24C and we do not want to take him for a walk for both his and our sakes—dog-energy-imbalance.

Second fundamental: As a planet of free-will, there will always be people that choose love and those that choose not-love. War and conflict are in the realm of not-love. Spiritual practices, kindness, and peace are in the realm of love.

Add the fundamentals: When the wilful choice to not-love creates the imbalance of conflict, war happens. When the wilful choice to love creates the balance of higher vibration, spirituality happens.

The disappointment that arises is that denial leads to the thought that we are what we are not. Denial avoids the thought that we live among those that do not choose love and among those that do choose love. Denial leads us to think that others live as we do. Reality is: some people are good and some are bad. World peace runs up against the quandary of choosing love/not-love in a world of balance/imbalance.

The realization that comes with adding these two ‘1’s’ to make ‘2’ has set my mind at ease with the idea that, while I choose love (at least half the time), half of the rest of the world chooses not-love (at least half the time). As I am that I am (to be defined later), the Earth is what it is. World peace?...... LOL Great Expectations!

Makes me think of Neville Chamberlain's words as he waved a flimsy sheet of paper with Hitler's signature in 1938: "Peace in our Time".