Sunday 4 February 2018

Do you take Cream and Sugar with your Crystals?

     Crystals and more crystals, and what-ever should I do with them?

     Crystals are here on Earth to bring light. So, what better place to put them than on the coffee table in the living room? Bring divine light into your primary living space and give it a vibrational lift!

     Come with me on the Magical Mystery Tour of my coffee table crystals. Here is an image of the crystals on the coffee table in our living room. Wherever will I put my coffee?

     This collection of living room crystals is the result of a couple of decades of working with crystals in a serious way. If you are thinking of starting a living-room-crystal project, start with what you have. No need to get everything today!
    Crystals bring light. The light they bring is determined by your vibration. Hence, what you have to put on your coffee table is perfect for right now, and perfectly in tune with your vibration. As your crystals bring light, your vibration rises and more crystals will find their way into your collection.

     This image shows the core centre-piece crystals. See the large crystal ball in the very centre. Light comes into a ball from all sides, but light is also coming in from all sides of the ball at a dimensional level above the physical plane. Both physical and higher dimensional light is moving in and out of the crystal ball. The three larger clear quartz-points and the two smaller quartz-points around the ball are generator crystals because of their larger size. They push a significant amount of light. Notice how they are arranged to point in a counter-clockwise direction. In this configuration they create a counter-clockwise vortex that causes the light flow to be in-bound. For the person who is not yet enlightened and ascended, the idea is to bring the light into the physical body. Between the crystal ball and the generators, a fair amount of light is swirling around in this space as it finds its way into our living room.

     Going around the table starting in the twelve o’clock position, Pink Halite sits on top of a Selenite slab. I had my eyes peeled for a quality piece of Pink Halite ever since I first encountered it in 1994 at the Conclave of Archangel Michael in Banff.  I got this piece from Silver Cove about 2 years ago. Pink Halite creates its own vortex of out-bound light. It brings the vibrations of love and compassion that go with the pink heart chakra frequencies. Yes, there is love in our living room!
     The Selenite is the pathway to the highest places of one’s own being. In this case, Selenite, with the help of Pink Halite’s love, is reaching into the highest levels of the universe to bring the highest parts of the collective higher-self of my wife, myself, our dog, Merlin, and whatever else constitutes the vibration of our home.

     Here we have a good-sized piece of Malachite (bottom) and a raw natural Fluorite. Malachite works to remove the negative aspects of the vibrations that are flowing through this space. It is a light cleanser that removes the undesirable aspects of vibration that may find their way. The Fluorite (everyone needs Fluorite) opens the door to help light flow from the higher dimensions of the universe, as well as, making a place for spirit guides to come to bring their love and influences to our home.

     Going clockwise round the table, you can see the Fluorite, and now add Rose Quartz and Sodalite. Rose Quartz adds love to the mix of light. Pink Halite and Rose Quartz provide the same basic frequency of love wherever they are placed. More love! The Sodalite is a stone that aligns the will of the individual on Earth with the will of his or her higher-self in the heavens. If your will is the same as divine will, what would it be?

     Here is my first book, The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment. It, too, adds vibration to the mix. If you want to understand crystals beyond mere cause-and-effect, first understand light. This book is a window for the intellect to envision the wisdom of divine light and to envision the steps on the spiritual path.  No pabulum and lots to learn!

     At the seven o’clock position there is my conch, which puts out quite a sound if done right, Labradorite, and what we call the Abundance Angel (clear quartz). A string of prayer beads that comes from a Shaman we know is around the neck of the angel. Labradorite’s contribution to the table is that of consciousness healing and expansion. You can see the iridescent shimmer of blue, green, and gold hues on its surface. The iridescent shimmer is indicative of vibrations that are quite subtle, as are the vibrations of consciousness.

     Finally, here is an additional piece of raw Rose Quartz for more love. As it is a tea-light holder, it carries the flame to show the way through the darkness as the spiritual path unfolds before the eyes of the devotee. Contemplate the flame and be-here-now.

The coffee table in the living room is a great place to start bringing divine light into your space!

Love and Light,

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