Tuesday 15 February 2022

Crystals: Atlantisite

If not for you, gift it to someone else.

The following is an excerpt from Roger's upcoming third book, this time about crystals.
©S. Roger Joyeux

     Atlantisite offers a cheery green vibration of the common garden variety.  The variety of green here allows the mind to open without pushing any limits.  As a healing stone in the classic sense, Atlantisite accelerates the vibration of the body’s form wherever it is placed.   What is meant by not pushing the limits is that the stone works within the light frequency ranges of the user’s vibration.  Its acceleration of the body is therefore subdued.
     Atlantisite’s green crystalline vibration works its healing magic by gently softening the areas of a person’s body mass that are not fully balanced or have distortions in the flow of its light energy.  Atlantisite may be called the “naturalizer” because it takes the body’s healing process only as far as the body’s current state of vibration.  It does not alter the body’s vibration.  It is not a stone for opening or reconditioning the body, or for taking the spiritual path forward.
     Once the person’s body has achieved a natural, balanced state at the level of its current vibration, the person using Atlantisite can awaken to the light and energy that exists in the immediate vicinity and in the now moment, without pushing the body to higher vibration levels, or causing expansion of form-essence.  This is not an evolutionary step, but rather, the opportunity to be all you can be now.  Atlantisite’s healing casts away the body’s imbalances and smoothes the distortions.  Light energy flows within the user’s body exactly as it should for right now.
     The great energy healing work of Atlantisite answers the need to bring a person’s vibration into its natural state without the disturbing turbulence of an evolutionary push forward.  It is a stone for individuals, who are dabbling with spirituality, and therefore, still carry significant vibrational issues and imbalances, such as the need for clearing karma and learning basic life lessons.  By bringing their vibrations into a natural state, the influx of light frequencies received does not go beyond the range that is consistent with the will, and does not go beyond personal choices.  Free will is thereby preserved.  The spiritual path of the person using Atlantisite proceeds at the person’s own pace.  Such persons are those whose spiritual evolution is not yet consciously awakened and whose kundalini (base chakra) has not yet opened.  If a person is already a spiritual seeker that has willfully stepped onto the spiritual path, that person is beyond the need for the healing that Atlantisite offers.  Ideally, a piece of Atlantisite, which has been shaped to have an aesthetic presentation, makes a wonderful gift for someone who is open minded, but has not yet aspired to spiritual life.
     Most often, Atlantisite stones also contain inclusions of purple-coloured Stichtite.  Stichtite’s level of vibration is consistent with the green vibration of Atlantisite and with the same range of the heart chakra’s green light frequencies.    Stichtite is a worker-bee, drone-level, heart chakra vibration of love that has no direct affiliation with the healing work of Atlantisite.  Stichtite and Atlantisite are mutually exclusive, but also mutually compatible.  Stichtite steadily contributes to the empowerment of the love in the heart within the lower ranges of the heart’s light frequencies.
     Atlantisite and its Stichtite inclusions are presented to the world to help the spiritual dabbler muddle forward towards the spiritual path.  Their contribution is slow and easy, and well within the expression of the dabbler’s will.

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