Tuesday 22 February 2022

Is the Chandelier Spiritual?

      Everyone sure is talking about the light these days. Sometimes I even get the odd question that asks if I am referring to the same light that comes from the chandelier. Well divine light is divine light is divine light, and light is light is light, but the chandelier emits a band of vibration that is limited to the rays that the human eye can perceive.

Can we say that this light from light-bulbs is spiritual?  Well, I'm not saying that.

Here's the stretch for light from the chandelier...

Contrast the means by which a room was lit before electricity and after.  The effect of candle power did its job and fulfilled its purpose, but had a lot of limitations.  The variations of light that come from electrically powered sources are now many and varied.  LED lights, theatre spot lights, incandescent, florescent, lights over the stove and in the oven, pot lighting, and back light on the computer keyboard are some of the adaptations that humankind has created.  Is it spiritual? Is it divine light or just light?

When the lights of a modern house are contrasted to the candles of past centuries, a definite increase in vibration overall becomes apparent.  Life is faster, easier, and has more awareness of the world.  Cabin fever has a whole different meaning as the world is lit-up before our very eyes through the internet.  The evolution of spirit has taken leaps and bounds for the advent of light bulbs.

While incandescent and florescent light is not directly divine or spiritually charged, it has raised vibration and helped us, as a species, to find the space within which to grow spiritually.

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