Friday, 1 June 2018

Base Chakra Confusion: Red versus Black

    Myths abound in the literature of New Age Spirituality.  Discernment is such a gift to the aspiring devotee!
    I have heard so many times from a plethora of different sources that the Base Chakra is Red.  This is not even to say that the Base Chakra resonates with the red ranges of light frequencies.  Most of these sources have yet to link chakras with the flow of light or how the chakra works with light.  They say the Base Chakra is simply Red.  I wish to set the record straight.
    Throughout my books, The Story of Light, (both volumes) and The Crystal Textbook, the base chakra is ascribed the colour black and the pelvic chakra is red.  These chakras work with the black and red ranges of light frequencies respectively.  However, numerous other sources of new age writings ascribe the colour red to the base chakra and omit the black light frequency ranges entirely.
     Why the difference? 
   In volume one of The Story of Light, the black light frequency is described as being Earth’s indigenous light frequency[1]. The reasoning is that, in the very beginning, at a time when light was absent from Earth, only the lowest and slowest of all frequencies could descend into the density of the physical plane.  This was the black light frequency.  Therefore, Earth’s journey to enlightenment begins with the assimilation of black light.  The natural consequence is that, first, the Earth resonates with black light.  Second, all grounding is within the black frequency ranges.  And, third, to best harmonize with the Earth, the base chakra has traditionally resonated with the black light frequency range.  Additional reading regarding Smoky Quartz and the base chakra will add clarity to this line of thought[2].
    Why then do other literary sources ascribe the colour red to the base chakra?  First, the reader must discern the origins of the source.  Is the source of writing from among the souls who incarnated onto the Earth at the beginning of time?  Or, is the source of writing from among souls who incarnated in this current millennium?  The soul’s origin makes a difference.
    The original arrivals on Earth began at the lowest levels of Earth’s dense vibration and at the beginning of time.  The recent arrivals began in the new age, with no exposure to the extreme density that dominated Earth’s beginnings.  Earth’s vibration in the new age is almost ready for the ascension, and is, therefore, significantly higher than at any previous time, and especially higher than at the beginning.  Many new age authors, who make reference to the base chakra, are recent arrivals from far away planets and star systems.  The Pleiades and Sirius star systems have made themselves known, but these are not the only ones.  The recent arrivals on Earth bring a different perspective, but more importantly, their message is unique to their own home world.  They are here to help Earth through its process of ascension, but equally importantly, they are here to learn what Earth has to offernamely, to learn about life in a physical world.
    The source of confusion comes from the application of perceptions that are limited to the new age.  The vibration of the incarnate body of the original arrivals on Earth began at a much lower frequency rate than the vibration of the incarnate body of the recent arrivals.  The base chakra of the original arrival has resonated traditionally and primarily with black light frequencies, but the base chakra of the recent arrival resonates at a frequency rate that is a full octave higher.  The recent arrival’s base chakra does not reach down into the lower range of the grounding black light frequencies.  It, therefore, resides within the red light frequency range with limited understanding of the lower black light.
    In their quest to help Earth through written publication, the recent arrivals write from the limited perspective of their own vibrations.  This perspective reflects familiarity with the higher vibrations that presently dominate the current new age, but not familiarity with the traditional lower vibrations that are still very much present on Earth.  Black light, then, is not indigenous to the recent arrival who is still learning about life on Earth, but whose vibration is impressively higher and of appeal to the devotee who is in the process of conscious awakening.
    To the soul that has been on Earth since the beginning, the base chakra carries black light frequencies, resonates readily with the Earth, and responds to love and the divine vibration of Smoky Quartz for its opening.  In contrast, the soul of the recent arrival sees the base chakra at a higher vibration level.  The new arrival’s base chakra is within the red frequency ranges.  That is their truth.  The need to open the base chakra is integral to the original arrivals’ spiritual journey, but may not be necessary or even mentioned by the recent arrival, except in an empowerment context, which assumes that the base chakra is already opened.
    The vast majority of souls on Earth are not recent arrivals.  The traditional need to open the base chakra, at the start of the spiritual journey, still applies.  Understanding who is proselytizing about red base chakras is a major step in clearing the confusion about how to proceed in achieving the conscious awakening that is still required to graduate from incarnate life on Earth. 
    In your discernment, are you a recent arrival, or are you one of the souls who have toiled over the many millennia to bring Earth’s vibration into alignment for the coming ascension.  If you are the latter, your base chakra resonates with the black light ranges of frequencies.

[1] See The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, Chapter 1, section 1.3, entitled, “Black: the Light of Earth”, for the discussion on Earth’s indigenous light frequency as it was in the beginning.
[2] See The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, Chapter 4, section 4.2, entitled: “Base Chakra: Environmental Compatibility”.  See Smoky Quartz in The Crystal Textbook, section 2, page 308.